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We offer projects for students in the Bachelor's program of computer science.
Projects (6 ECTS credit points) in our group are designed as 'small exercises in scientific work'. Students who are interested are welcome to directly contact one of the faculty members listed below.

In each project, you will be asked to a take a closer look at a specific scientific problem by studying relevant literature. Finding that literature is part of the project and will generally involve searching the library as well as the web. The study must result in a paper summarizing what has been found, along with a critical evaluation of those findings. Of course, suggestions for further research or even solutions are highly welcomed. However, the emphasis on the project is not to do innovative research, but rather to show that you understand the problem at hand and are capable of clearly and concisely describing and evaluating proposed solutions.

Each project is supervised by the faculty member who handed out the assignment and is normally carried out indvidually. In exceptional cases, two or three students can work together on a larger assignment. There is no specially allocated period for the Bachelor's project. It is usually the last part of the study, after all courses have been completed, but it may be completed earlier when appropriate.

Prerequisites for doing a Bachelor's project within the Computer Systems group are the successful completion of the following courses:

  • Computer networks
  • Operating systems
  • Scientific communication in computer science

We strongly advise students to write their project report in English. However, in well-argued, individual cases, reports maybe also be written in Dutch.

For further information, please contact Herbert Bos

Computer Systems faculty members offering Bachelor's projects, and possible fields of project topics: