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The research of the department is directed from within three research groups

Header ASR Group
The Agent System (ASR) group in our Department conducts research in the area of agent-based systems, with a focus on behavioral dynamics, business application areas and design methodology. Projects of the ASR group include, among others, Component-Based Design of Agent Systems, Modelling the Dynamics of Cognitive Processes, Evolution, Emergence and Adaptation in Multi-Agent Systems and Reductionism and Dynamics of Mind - Matter Relationships.
Jan Treur Headed by: Prof. Dr. Jan Treur 


emptyHeader Computational Intelligence Group
The mission of the CI group in our Department is to perform research on various aspects of computational intelligence and to contribute to the Business Mathematics and Informatics curriculum. Computational Intelligence belongs to the areas of evolutionary computing, fuzzy computing and neurocomputing. As opposed to traditional logic based artificial intelligence techniques, computational intelligence techniques are generally bottom-up, where order and structure emerges from an unstructured beginning.
Guszti Eiben Headed by: Prof. dr. Guszti Eiben  


Header Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Group
The KR group in our Department investigates modelling and representation of different forms of knowledge and reasoning, as found in a large variety of AI systems. We have an interest in both applications and theory. We study theoretical properties of knowledge representation and reasoning formalisms, but are also involved in developing practical knowledge-based systems. Recently, we have been very active in developments around the Semantic Web.
Frank van Harmelen Headed by: Prof. dr. Frank van Harmelen