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Computer Science PhDs from 1985 - 2011

J.L. Eveleens2011IMSEProf.dr. C. VerhoefIT Forecast Quality in Measure and Number JL Eveleens 13-12-2011
V. Clerc2011IMSEProf.dr. J.C. van Vliet en Dr. P. Lago co-promotorArchitectural Knowledge Management in Global Software Development V. Clerc 13-12-2011
A.A.Aziz2011AIProf.dr. J. TreurExploring Computational Models for Intelligent Support of Persons with Depression AB Ab Aziz 06-12-2011
A. Bhulai2011IMSEProf.dr. G.C. van der VeerDynamic website optimization through autonomous management of design patterns A. Bhulai 25-11-2011
Q. Gu2011IMSEProf.dr. J.C. van Vliet en Dr. P. Lago co-promotorGuiding Service-Oriented Software Engineering Q. Gu 06-10-2011
M.A. Pontier2011AIProf.dr. J. TreurVirtual Agents for Human Communication: Emotion Regulation and Involvement-Distance Trade-Offs in Embodied Conversational Agents and Robots MA Pontier 19-09-2011
S.W. Jaffry2011AIProf.dr. J. TreurAnalysis and Validation of Models for Trust Dynamics SW Jaffry 09-11-2011
G. Urdaneta M.R. van SteenCollaborative Wikipedia Hosting G. Urdaneta Paredes 30-06-2011
I. Vaishnavi2011CS en BWMProf.dr. D.C.A.Bulterman en prof. M.R. van SteenCoherence in Synchronous Shared Experiences I Vaishnavi 24-06-2011
T. Binsl2011Bioinf Prof.dr. J. HeringaFluxes of life: Bioinformatica for Metabolic Flux Quantification in Isotopic Non-Steady-State T. Binsl 11-03-2011
B. van der Raadt2011IMSEProf. dr. J.C. v. Vliet Enterprise Architecture coming of age: Increasing the performance of an emerging discipline B van der Raadt 25-02-2011
R.Bakhshi2011TI Prof. Dr. W. Fokkink en Prof. dr. ir. M. v. SteenGossiping Models. Formal Analysis of Epidemic Protocols Rena Bakhshi 13-01-2011
V.A.Pijpers2010BWMProf. dr. H. Akkermans en
Dr. J.Gordijn,
e3alignment: Exploring Inter-Organizational Business ICT Alignment VA Pijpers 17-12-2010
D.F. de Oliveira Costa2010TIprof.dr. J.J.M.M.Rutten prof.dr. F.Arbab Dr.M.Niqui, copromotor Dr. D.G. Clarke, copromotor Formal models for component connectors   DF de Oliviera Costa 13-12-2010
P. van Maanen2010AI Prof. dr. J. TreurDr. T. BosseAdaptive Support for Human-Computer Teams. Exploring the Use of Cognitive Models of Trust and Attention P van Maanen 09-12-2010 
P.N. van der Spek2010IMSEemptyprof. dr. C. Verhoef  Dr.A.S.Klusener, copromotorManaging software evolution in embedded systems PN van der Spek 30-11-2010
N.Drost2010 CS Prof. dr. ir. H.E. Bal dr. R.V. van Nieuwpoort, dr. F.J. Seinstra, copromotorenReal-World Distrubuted Supercomputing Niels Drost 25-11-2010
V.V.Zaytsev2010 IMSEprof. dr. C. Verhoef
Prof.dr. R. Laemmel
Recovery, Convergence and Documentation of Languages VV Saytzev 27-10-2010
S. de Kinderen2010 BWMProf. dr. H. Akkermans
Dr. J.Gordijn,
Needs-driven service bundling in a multi-suppliersetting: The comuputational e3 service approach S de Kinderen 25-10-2010
M.H.J.Nijhuis2010CS Prof. dr. ir. H.E. Bal
Dr. H.J. Bos,
 A Framework for Parallel Streaming Applications M. Nijhuis 18-10-2010
M.F.J. van Assem2010 BWMProf. dr. G. Schreiber
Dr. J. v. Ossenbruggen,
 Converting and Integrating Vocabularies for the Semantic Web M van Assem 01-10-2010
G.F.Siddiqui2010AI Prof. dr. J. Treur
Dr. T. Bosse &
Dr. J.F. Hoorn
Integrative Modeling of Emotions in Virtual Agents GF Siddiqui 28-09-2010
J.N.Herder2010CSProf. dr. A. Tanenbaum Building a dependable operating system: fault tolerance in MINIX 3  JN Herder 09-09-2010
K.Iwanicki2010CSProf. dr. ir. M.R. van SteenHierarchical Routing in Low-Power Wireless Networks K Iwanicki 29-06-2010
J.Endrullis2010TIProf. dr. J W. Klop   
Dr. R. de Vrijer,
Termination and Productivity cum laude J Endrullis 01-06-2010
Z.A.Memon2010AIProf. dr. J. Treur
Dr. T. Bosse
Modelling Human-Awareness in Ambient Agents:: A Human Mindreading Perspective ZA Memon 25-05-2010
C.Gerritsen2010AIProf. dr. J. Treur
Dr. M. Klein
 Caught in the Act: Investigating Crime by Agent-Based Simulation C Gerritsen 12-04-2010
S. v. Splunter2010CSProf.dr. F. Brazier,
dr. P.H.G. v. Langen
Automated Web Service Reconfiguration S van Splunter 29-03-2010
I.Isihara2010TIProf. dr. J W.  Klop   
Dr. R. de Vrijer,
Algorithmic Term Rewriting Systems A Isihara 25-03-2010
S.Kotoulas2010AIProf.dr. F.A.H. v. Harmelen
Scalable discovery of networked data: Algorithms, Infrastructure, Applications S Kotoulas 24-03-2010
G.Portokalidis2010CSProf. dr. ir. H.E. Bal
Prof. H.J.Bos
Using Virtualisation to Protect Against Zero-Day Attacks G Portokalidis 25-02-2010 Bruijn2010CSProf. dr. ir. H.E. Bal,
Adaptive Operating System Design for High Throughput I/O W de Bruijn 29-01-2010
S. K. Nair2010CSProf. dr. A. Tanenbaum
Dr. B. Crispo
Remote Policy Enforcement using Java Virtual Machine SK Nair
W.A. Pirovano2010Bioinf.Prof.dr. J. Heringa,
Comparing building blocks of life: sequence alignment and evaluation of predicted structural and functional features W Pirovano 15-01-2010
R. Farenhorst, R. de Boer2009IMSEemptyProf. dr. J.C. van Vliet
dr. P. Lago
Architectural Knowledge Management: Supporting Architects and Auditors R Farenhorst en R de Boer 05-10-2009
W. van Hage2009BWMProf. dr. G. SchreiberEvaluating Ontology-Alignment Techniques W van Hage 19-01-2009
E. Kulk2009IMSEprof. dr. C. VerhoefIT Risks in Measure and Number E. Kulk 18-11-2009
P.I. Hofgesang2009AIProf.dr. A.E. EibenModelling Web Usage in a Changing Environment PI Hofgesang 08-10-2009
T. Chen2009TIProf.dr. W.J. FokkinkClocks, Dice and Processes T. Chen 21-09-2009
D. M.R. van SteenEpidemic-Style Information Dissemination in Large-Scale Wireless Networks D. Gavidia 30-06-2009
A. Heuvelink2009AIProf.dr. J. TreurCognitive Models for Training Simulations   
M.D. den H.E. BalHigh-throuhput Multicast Communication for Grid Applications MD den Burger 22-06-2009
M J.L. TopFrom Ontology-enabled Services to Service-enabled Ontologies M Korotkiy 18-06-2009
H.H. Hansen2009TIProf.dr. J.J.M.M. RuttenCoalgebraic Modelling HH Hansen 14-05-2009
G.S. Nitschke2009AIProf.dr. A.E. EibenNeuro-Evolution For Emergent Specialization in Collective Behavior Systems GS Nitschke 06-03-2009
V. Nannen2009AIProf.dr. A.E.EibenEvolutionary Agent-Based Policy Analysis in Dynamic Environment V Nannen 16-04-2009
Z. Aleksovski2008AIProf.dr. F.A.H. van Harmelen Using background knowledge in ontology matching Z Aleksovski 24-06-2008
M. Rieback2008CSProf. dr. A. TanenbaumSecurity and Privacy of Radio Freequency Identification M Rieback 11-09-2008
S. Smit2008BioinfProf.dr. J. HeringaRNA in Formation S. Smit 29-09-2008
W. van Atteveldt2008AIProf.dr. F.A.H. van HarmelenSemantic Network Analysis WH van Atteveldt 14-10-2008
T. van der H.E. BalAura II: a Scene Graph based Architecture for Interactive Parallel Rendering 
M. Torabi Dashti2008TIProf.dr. W.J. FokkinkKeeping Fairness Alive M Torabi Dashti 27-02-2008
A. Sharpanskykh2008AIProf.dr. J. TreurOn Computer-Aided Methods for Modeling and Analysis of Organizations A. Sharpanskykh 10-01-2008
R.J. Szklarczyk2007BioinfProf.dr. J. HeringaInformation reuse in comparative genomics RJ Szklarczyk 23-11-2007
A. Wijs2007TIProf.dr. W.J. FokkinkWhat to Do Next? Analysing and Optimising System Behaviour in Time A. Wijs 02-10-2007
J. Schalken2007IMSEProf. dr. J.C. van VlietEmpirical Investigations
of Software Process Improvement
 J Schalken 17-12-2007
N. Veerman2007IMSEprof. dr. C. Verhoef
Automated Mass Maintenance of Software Assets N Veerman 15-01-1007
B. Popescu2007CSProf. dr. A. TanenbaumDesign and Impl. of a Secure Wide-Area Object Middleware BC Popescu 05-09-2007
M. Hoogendoorn2007AIProf. dr. J. TreurModeling of Change in Multi-Agent Organizations M Hoogendoorn 18-06-2007
K. Jong2007AIProf.dr. A.E. EibenemptyMachine Learning for Human Cancer Research Kees Jong 01-06-2006
D. Mobach2007CSProf. F. BrazierAgent-Based Mediated Service Negotiation D Mobach 21-05-2007
G. Wrzesinska2007CSProf. dr. ir. H.E. BalHandling Complexity and Changes in Grid Computing G Wrzesinska 10-05-2007
M. Szymaniak2007CSProf. dr. ir. M.R. van SteenLatency-Driven Replication for Globally Distributed Systems M Szymaniak 17-04-2007
C. Stormer2007IMSEprof. dr. C.Verhoef
Software Quality Attribute Analysis by Architecture Reconstruction C Stormer 16-03-2007
S.Sivasubramanian2006CSProf. dr. ir. M.R. van SteenScalable Hosting of Web Applications S Sivasubramanian 18-04-2007
L. Hollink2006BWMProf. dr. G. SchreiberSemantic Annotation for Retrieval of Visual Resources L Hollink 16-11-2006
J. Hoorn2006IMSEProf. dr. G.C. v. d. Veer
prof. dr. J.C. van Vliet
Software Requirements: Update, Upgrade, Redesign : Towards a Theory of Requirements Change JF Hoorn 09-10-2006
S. Vougaris2006CSProf. dr. ir. M.R. van SteenEpidemic-Based Self-Organization in Peer-to-Peer Systems S Voulgaris 03-10-2006
B. Badban2006TIProf. dr. W.J. FokkinkVerification Techniques for Extensions of Equality Logic B Badban 07-09-2006
B. Bongers2006IMSEProf. dr. G.C. v.d.Veer
Prof. dr. J.C. van Vliet
Interactivation -Towards an e-cology of people, our technological environment, and the arts 
M. Sabou2006AIProf.dr. F.A.H. v. HarmelenemptyBuilding Web Service Ontologies M Sabou 27-04-2006
J. Ketema2006TIProf. dr. J W. KlopBohm-Like Trees for Rewriting J Ketema 20-03-2006
C. Chisalita2006IMSEProf. dr. G.C. v. d. Veer
Prof. dr. J.C. van Vliet
Contextual Issues in the Design and Use of Inf. Tech. in Orgs. 
M. Valero Espada2005TIProf. dr. W.J. FokkinkModal Abstracton and Replication of Processes with Data M Valero Espada 05-12-2005
B. Craenen2005AIProf.dr. A.E. EibenemptySolving Constraint Satisfaction Problems with Evolutionary Algorithms B Craenen 24-11-2005
V. Simossis2005Bioinf.Prof.dr. J. HeringaFrom Sequence to Structure and Back Again VA Simossis 07-07-2005
J. Broekstra2005Prof.dr. F.A.H. v. HarmelenStorage Querying and Inferencing for Semantic Web Languages J Broekstra 04-07-2005
M. Oey2005CSProf. dr. A. TanenbaumThe Design of a High-Integrity Disk Management Subsystem M Oey 17-05-2005
T. Bosse2005emptyProf. dr. J. TreurAnalysis of the Dynamics of Cognitive Processes T Bosse 23-11-2005
E. Ogston2005CSProf. F.BrazierAgent Based Matchmaking and Clustering E Ogston 05-04-2005
C. Grabmayer2005TIProf. dr. J W.  KlopRelating Proof Systems for Recursive Types C Grabmayer 22-03-2005
M.Evers2004IMSEProf. dr. G.C. v. d. Veer.
Prof. dr.W.Baets
Learning from Design: facilitating multidisciplinary design teams  
S. Orzan2004TIProf. dr. W.J. FokkinkOn Distributed Verification and Verified Distribution SM Orzan 05-11-2004
N. Ioustinova2004TIProf. dr. W.J. FokkinkAbstractions and Static Analysis for Verifying Reactive Systems N Yustinova 04-11-2004
F. Divina2004Prof.dr. A.E. EibenemptyHybrid Genetic Relational Search for Inductive Learning F Divina 26-10-2004
M. Klein2004BWMProf. dr. G. SchreiberChange Management for Distributed Ontologies M Klein 14-09-2004
J. Pang2004TIProf. dr. W.J. FokkinkFormal Verification of Distributed Systems J Pang 26-10-2004
M. Caminada2004IMSEProf. R.P.van der Riet (†)For the Sake of Argument MWA Caminada 22-06-2004
I. Kuz2003CSProf. dr. ir. M.R. van SteenAn Approach to A Scalable Wide-Area Web Service IT Kuz 04-12-2003
W. Vogels2003CSProf. dr. ir. H.E. BalScalable Cluster Tech. for Mission-Critical Enterprise Computing WHP Vogels 11-11-2003
G. Ballintijn2003CSProf. dr. A. TanenbaumLocating Objects in a Wide-Area System GC Ballentijn 30-10-2003
R. Veldema2003CSProf. dr. ir. H.E. BalCompiler and Runtime Opt. for Fine-Grained Shared Memory Systems RS Veldema 02-10-2003
Van Nieuwpoort2003CSProf. dr. ir. H.E. BalEfficient Java-Centric Grid-Computing RV van Nieuwpoort 04-09-2003
J. Maassen2003CSProf. dr. ir. H. BalMethod Invocation Based Commun. Models for Parallel Prog. in Java J Maassen 17-06-2003
J. Broersen2003IMSEProf.dr. R.J. WieringaModal Action Logics for Reasoning about Reactive Systems JM Broersen 25-02-2003
H.Stuckenschmidt2003AIProf.dr. F.A.H. v. HarmelenOntology-Based Information Sharing in Weakly Structured Environments H Stuckenschmidt 23-01-2003
J. Gordijn2002BWMProf. dr. H. AkkermansValue-based Requirements Eng.: Exploring Innovative E-Commerce Ideas J Gordijn 25-06-2002
M. Bognar2002TIProf. dr. J W.  KlopContexts in Lambda Calculus 
W.C.A. Wijngaards2002AIProf.dr. J. Treur Agent-Based Modelling of Dynamics: Biological and Organisational Applications 
P. van Langen2002AIProf. F. BrazierThe Anatomy of Design 
A. Bakker2002CSProf. dr. A. TanenbaumemptyAn Object-Based Software Distribution Network 
N.Lassing2002IMSEProf.dr. J.C. van Vliet,
Prof.dr. D.B.B.Rijsenbrij
 Architecture-Level Modifiablility Analysis 
J. den Hartog2002TIJ. De Bakker (†)Probabilistic Extensions of Semantical Models 
T.M. van Engers2001BWM  -IMSEProf. dr. H. Akkermans
Dr. G.C. v. d. Veer
Knowledge Management: The Role of Mental Models in Business Systems Design TM van Engers 11-12-2001
S. Blom2001CSProf. dr. J W.  KlopTerm Graph Rewriting--syntax and semantics SCC Blom 06-03-2001
L. van Doorn2001CSProf. dr. A. TanenbaumThe Architecture of a Worldwide Distributed System L van Doorn 08-03-2001
P. Homburg2001CSProf. dr. A. TanenbaumThe Architecture of a Worldwide Distributed System PC Homburg 08-03-2001
J van Ossenbruggen2001IMSEProf. dr. J.C. van VlietProcessing Structured Hypermedia J van Ossenbruggen 10-04-2001
J. Romein2001CSProf. dr. ir. H.E. BalMultigame- An Environment for Distributed Game Tree Searchempty JW Romein 18-01-2001
S. Schonhage2001IMSEprof. dr. J.C. van VlietDIVA Architectural Perspectives on Information Visualization SPC Schonhage 08-05-2001
P.A.T. van Eck2001AIProf.dr. J. TreurA Compositional Semantic Structure for Multi-Agent Systems Dynamics PAT van Eck 12-06-2001
M. van Welie2001IMSEProf. dr. J.C. van Vliet 
Dr. G.C. v. d. Veer
Dr. Anton Eliens
Task-based User Interface Design M van Welie 17-04-2001
R. Bhoedjang2000CSProf. dr. ir. H.E. BalCommunication Architectures for Parallel-Programming Systems RAF Bhoedjang 06-06-2000
G. de Haan2000IMSEProf. dr. J.C. van Vliet
Dr. G.C. v. d. Veer
Dr. M.J.Tauber
A Formal Model of Competence Knowledge for User Interface Design G de Haan
F. Niessink2000IMSEProf. dr. J.C. van VlietPerspectives on Improving Software Maintenance F Niessink 28-03-2000
T. Ruhl2000CSProf. dr. ir. H.E. BalCollective Computation in Object-Based Parallel Programming Langs. T Ruhl 16-11-2000
J. Engelfriet2000AIProf. dr. J. TreurThe Dynamics of Reasoning J Engelfriet 04-02-1999
M. Sloof1999Prof. dr. J. TreuremptyPhysiology of Quality Change Modeling M Sloof 11-05-1999
N. Wijngaards1999AIProf. dr. J. TreuremptyRe-design of Compositional Systems NJE Wijngaards 30-09-1999
M. Bonsangue1996TIJ. De Bakker (†)Topological Dualities in Semantics MM Bonsangue 07-10-1996
J. Burg1996IMSEProf. R.P.van der Riet (†)Linguistic Instruments in Requirements Engineering 
P. Elsas1996IMSEProf. R.P.van der Riet (†)Computational Auditing 
P. Lucas1996AIProf. dr. J. TreuremptyStructures in Diagnosis from Theory to Medical Application 
F. van Raamsdonk1996TIProf. dr. J W. KlopConfluence and Normalisation of Higher-Order Rewriting F van Raamsdonk 13-05-1996
D. Turi1996TIJ. De Bakker (†)Functional Operational Semantics and its Denotational Dual D Turi 06-06-1996
F. van Breugel1994TIJ. De Bakker (†)Topological Models in Comparative Semantics F van Breugel 28-09-1994
V. van Oostrom1994TIProf. dr. J W.  KlopConfluence for Abstract and Higher-Order Rewriting V van Oostrom 29-03-1994
P. Spruit1994IMSEProf. R.P.van der Riet (†)Logics of Database Updates 
E. Horita1993TIJ. De Bakker (†)Fully Abstract Models for Concurrent Languages 
G. Vreeswijk1993TIProf.dr. J-J. Ch.MeyeremptyStudies in Defeasible Argumentation 
E. Baalbergen1992CSProf. dr. A. TanenbaumThe Declaritive Operating System Model 
W. van der Hoek1992TIProf.dr. J-J. Ch.MeyerModalities for Reasoning about Knowledge and Quantities 
F. Kaashoek1992CSProf. dr. A. TanenbaumGroup Communication in Distributed Operating Systems MF Kaashoek 14-12-1992
P.J. Veerkamp1992AIProf.dr. J. TreurOn the Development of an Artifact and Design Description Language 
Y. Tan1992AIProf. dr. J. TreuremptyArchitecture and Philosophical Applications 
R. Walker1992AIProf. dr. J. TreuremptyAn Expert System Architecture for Heterogeneous Domains RF Walker 1992
F. de Boer1991TIJ. De Bakker (†)Reasoning about Dynamically Evolving Process Structures 
R. van Glabbeek1990TIProf. dr. J W.  KlopemptyComparative Concurrency Semantics and Refinement of Actions 
A. Middeldorp1990TIProf. dr. J W.  KlopModular Properties of Term Rewriting Systems 
E. de Vink1990TIJ. De Bakker (†)Designing Stream Based Semantics for Uniform Concurrency and Logic Programming 
R. Wieringa1990IMSEProf. R.P.van der Riet (†)Algebraic Foundations for Dynamic Conceptual Models 
P. Americana1989TIJ. De Bakker (†)A  Parallel Object-Oriented Language 
J. Rutten1989TIJ. De Bakker (†)A Parallel Object-Oriented Language 
H. Bal1989CSProf. dr. A. TanenbaumThe Shared Data Object Model as a Paradigm for Prog. Distr. Sys HE Bal 17-10-1989
F. Dignum1989IMSEProf. R.P.van der Riet (†)A Language for Modelling Knowledge Base Systems 
J. Kok1989TIJ. De Bakker (†)Semantics Models for Parallel Computation in Data Flow, Logic-, and Object-Oriented Programming 
R. van Renesse1989CSProf. dr. A. TanenbaumFunctional Processing as a Paradigm for Distr. Computing 
J. Tebra1989IMSEProf. R.P.van der Riet (†)Optimistic and Parallelism in Prolog 
H. Weigand1989IMSEProf. R.P.van der Riet (†)Linguistically Motivated Principles of Knowledge Base Systems 
A. de Bruin1986TIJ. De Bakker (†)Experiments with Continuation Semantics 
W. de Jonge1985IMSEProf. R.P.van der Riet (†)Security and Privacy in Information Systems 
M. Kersten1985IMSEProf. R.P.van der Riet (†)A Model for a Secure Programming Environment 
J.-J. Ch. Meyer1985TIJ. De Bakker (†)Programming Calculi Based on Fixed Point Transformations 
S. Mullender1985CSProf. dr. A. TanenbaumPrinciples of Distributed Operating System Design