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Computer Science PhD's from 2014 -

StudentYearGroupEmpl.(Co) promotorThesisPdF
Klaas de Graaf2015IMSEProf.dr. J.C. van Vliet, Dr. A. Tang and dr. P. LiangOntology-based software architecture documentation
Giuseppe Procaccianti2015IMSEProf.dr. P. Lago and Prof. dr. M. MorisioEnergy-Efficient Software
Guido van 't Noordende2015CSProf.dr. A. Tanenbaum and Prof.dr. F. Brazierachitectureel ontwerp, implementatie en toetsing van gebruik van een applicatie-specifiek mobiele agenten systeem ten behoeve van schaalbare, veilige toepassingen op het internet
Albana van Steen and dr. S. VoulgarisExploring cross-layer dependencies in congested wireless ad hoc networks
Ben van H.E. Bal, Dr. F. Seinstra and Dr. J. MaassenGebruik van grafische processoren in wetenschappelijke supercomputer applicaties
Ania van Steen and dr. S. VoulgarisDecentralized k-clique matching
Davide Ceolin2014BWM and TIProf.dr. A.T. Schreiber, Prof.dr. W.J. Fokkink and dr. W.R. van HageTrusting semi-structured web data
Hannes Hettling2014Bio infProf.dr. J. Heringa and dr. J.H.G.M. van BeekMathematical models to quantitatively study energy metabolism in animals and human muscle tissue
Raja Appuswamy2014CSProf.dr. A. TanenbaumDesign and implementation of a flexible file-based storage stack
Willem van Willigen2014AIProf.dr. A.E. Eiben, dr. E.W. Haasdijk and L.J.H.M. KesterAspects of autonomous vehicle control
Ivan Razo Zapata2014BWMProf.dr. J.M. Akkermans, dr. P. de Leenheer and dr. J. GordijnInteractive composition of service value networks
Katrin Dentler2014AIProf.dr. F.A.H. van Harmelen, dr. N.F. de Keizer, dr. R. Cornet and dr. A.C.M. ten TeijeComputing healthcare quality indicators automatically; secondary use of patient data and semantic interoperability
Cristiano Giuffrida2014CSProf.dr. A. TanenbaumOperating system design and implementation for secure and reliable live update10 april 2014
Nataliya Mogles2014AIProf.dr. J. Treur, dr. T. Bosse and dr. M. KleinAgent-based analysis and support of human functioning in sociotechnical systems: applications in healthcare and safety
Krystyna Milian2014AIProf.dr. F.A,H. van Harmelen and dr. A.C.M. ten TeijeSupporting trial recruitment and design by automatically interpreting eligibility criteria
Roelof H.E. Bal and dr.-Ing.habil T. KielmannProgramming frameworks for distributed smartphone computing
Arlette van Wissen2014AIProf.dr. J. Treur and dr. M. KleinAgent-based analysis and support of behavior change in domains of health and safety
Damian Tamburri2014IMSEProf.dr. J.C. van Vliet and Prof.dr. P. lagoSupporting networked software development
Suhail M.R. vanSteen and dr. R. BakhshiThe design of a cosmic-ray detector as a wireless distributed system
Rodrigo L. Guimares2014BWMProf.dr. D.C.A. BultermanSocially-Aware Multimedia Authoring