Should one never cooperate with a controversial company?

Huawei tested software for the Chinese government which would help recognise Uyghurs, an oppressed Muslim minority in China, revealed The Washington Post recently. Still, this doesn't change anything for the VU, says Frank van Harmelen (VU), one of the two research directors of the Drems lab (the cooperation between the VU, UVA and Huawei). "It's no big news that Huawei tested the software", says Van Harmelen. "We do know that Huawei developed the techniques which are used by the Chinese government for these purposes - which we condemn. However, we cooperate with the European branch of the Huawei on human-centered artificial intelligence which complies with the European directives. I trust our cooperation can contribute to the positive developments within this company."

12/16/2020 | 4:33 PM

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