Pressing Matter project funded

The project "Pressing Matter: Ownership, Value and the Question of Colonial Heritage in Museums" is one of the projects that will be funded by NWO through the NWA-ORC project (Dutch Research Agenda Programme: Research along Routes by Consortia). This is a collaboration between many researchers from humanities, including VU's Susan Legene and Wayne Modest. The project will investigate the potentialities of “colonial objects” to support societal reconciliation with the colonial past and its afterlives, and reconcile conflicting claims by different stakeholders for these objects within museums. The project will develop and tests new models of ownership, value and return that may enable futures that are more equitable. The DH part by the VU UCDS group will be responsible to figure out knowledge representation models that will allow for "plurivocal/pluriform" representations of objects; how to elicit such information and how to present it to users.

12/04/2020 | 12:37 PM

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