Comenius Teaching Fellow grant for Natalia Silvis-Cividjian

Dr. Natalia Silvis-Cividjian, teacher in the VU Computer Science department, together with ing. Rob Limburg, head of Elektronica Bèta group, have received a Comenius Teaching Fellow grant. The Comenius programme, an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Education, enables teaching professionals to implement their ideals and innovative ideas in practice. The grant (50.000 euro) will be used to build VU-BugZoo, a persuasive and motivating learning platform to teach Software Testing. Based on a repository of defects injected in software (both standalone and embedded in smart systems), the platform will engage teachers and students in a lively bug-hunting experience. Testers will “see” the bugs that they normally only suspect, and this will make the field of software testing more exciting for students.

04/03/2019 | 11:41 AM

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