Graduation projects

We offer a variety of graduation projects and of course, we also welcome refreshing new ideas from the students. We maintain a high level of ambition for students who work on a CI related Master project. We strive for an outcome that is of significant scientific value, and therefore the Master project frequently leads to a publication of the work in the proceedings of a well-established international conference. Below you can find an overview of current graduation projects within our group, followed by a list of possible graduation projects. Feel free to contact any of the staff members in case you have questions, or are interested in a graduation project within our group.

Ideas for students projects

MSc thesis – Evolution and learning in robot populations (See A.E. Eiben for more info)

Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Dialogue Management

Combined Learning of Dialog State Tracking and Dialogue Management

Current Master Projects

Jorik Spijkerman, Classification and biomarker selection of donor gut microbiome transplants using mRNA expressions, AMC ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Maarten Ottenhof, Playing a rhythm game using an online movement-based brain-computer interface, Radboud University Nijmegen ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Panagiotis Efstratiadis, Predictive modeling at VUmc ICU, VUmc ICU ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Dave Ebbelaar, Data science techniques for marketing campaigns, Ahold Delhaize ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Sijmen van der Willik, Using measures as a form of crossover in evolutionary robotics (Supervisors: A.E. Eiben, J. Auerbach [Burlington, US])

Tommie Kerstens, Neuro-evolution of Behavioural Trees in Predator-Prey Scenarios (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Panagiotis Efstratiadis, Distributed Computer Architectures for Speeding up Evolutionary Robotics Simulations ( Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Timon ‎van de Velde, Evolution of Symmetry in Modular Robots ( Supervisors: A.E. Eiben, C. Rossi [Madrid, Spain])

JiunHan Chen (UvA), Evolution of Predator-Prey Strategies in Groups of Thymio Robots ( Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Steven Postmus (Master BA), Generative Adversarial Networks to Generate Realistic Mental Health Patient Data, Deloitte ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Wouter den Duijn (Master BA), Predictive Incidental Maintenance time for KLM cityhopper, KLM( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Christine Vinck (Master BA), Prediction of required time for periodic maintenance checks, KLM ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Ioannis Pantazis (Master Computational Science), Prediction of stroke using EMRs ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn, Supervisor at LUMC: Hine van Os)

Pablo Martínez-Almeida, Prediction of stroke ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn, Supervisor at VUmc: Robert de Jonge )

Aleide Hoeijmakers (Master AI), Prediction of Kidney failure, PacMed ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn)

Ioannis Pantazis (Master Computational Science), Prediction of stroke using EMRs ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn, Supervisor at LUMC: Hine van Os)

Aniketh Yadav, Application of deep learning to medical problems ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Current Bachelor Projects

Christiaan Franssen, Prediction of mood ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Liselore Borel Rinkes, Prediction of depression ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Jan-Willem Feilzer

Literature Studies

Tommie Kerstens

Panagiotis Efstratiadis

Partial list of past graduation projects

Jeffrey de Deijn, Image recognition ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Koen Schniftink, Recognizing hands in images ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Daan Beverdam, Using EEG data for marketing purposes ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Kylie v.d. Koogh, Recommender system for airlines ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Tim Loyen, GP models for depression ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Kasper Meijer, Hand Luggage Predictions – KLM ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Olga Półchłopek, Prediction of depression ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Dylan Wijman, Prediction of wound infection ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Omesh Debipersad, Production process optimization ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Desmond Cheung, Recognizing text in images ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Chi Chun Wan, KPI forecasting ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Francien Meijer, Pass success (soccer) ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Mark Menagie, Outlier detection (Deloitte) ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Sander Kerkdijk, Usage of text data within the MIMIC database (together with MIT/AMC) ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Robin vd Markt, An Automated Approach for Detecting and Categorising Changes in Land Use ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Alessandro Tezza, A decompositional approach for targeted locomotion: combining behavior trees and learning methods, PDF (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Lennert Gijsen, Development of a Recommender System for an Online Supermarket, PDF (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Elte Hupkes, Revolve: An Evolutionary Robotics Toolkit, PDF (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Thomas Heeneman, Neuro-Evolution for image classification. To solve the complex design challenges of convolutional neural networks, PDF (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Omer Ergul, Optimizing the parameters of a 3D-printer using a parameter tuning algorithm, PDF (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Alberto Caroli,  Mapping drugs & medicine websites into VAD space, PDF (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Mısra Turp,  A Comparative Study on Autonomous Gesture Selection in Humanoid Robots, PDF (Supervisors: A.E. Eiben, Supervisors at IBM: Zoltán Szlávik)

Martin Stolk, MOOD SUPPORT An Adaptive Social-Context Aware Mood Support System, PDF (Supervisors: A.E. EibenMark Hoogendoorn)

Dmitry Egorov, Locomotion learning for evolving modular robots of arbitrary shapes, PDF (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Matteo De Carlo, Evolving SUPG-based closed loop controllers for modular robots of arbitrary shapes, PDF (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Daan Bakker, Missing data analysis, PDF (Supervisor: Guszti Eiben)

Klaas Schuitemaker, Evolving microbial cooperation and specialization in the prisoner’s dilemma ( Supervisor: Evert Haasdijk)

Esther v.d. Giessen, Making Proficiency Estimates in an Online Learning Environment for Statistics ( Supervisors: Evert Haasdijk, Supervisors at I Hate Statistics: Pim Bellinga & Thijs Gillebaart)

Matteo Pullano, Neural Creative Process for Generating Images ( Supervisors: Eelco den Heijer, Evert Haasdijk)

Nicola Mularoni, Evolving robotic organisms in dynamic environments (supervisor: Guszti Eiben and Berend Weel)

David Los, Optimization of slab reheating (supervisor: Guszti Eiben)

Quintin Saijoen, Forming joint brains in robotic organisms by connecting echo state networks (supervisor: Guszti Eiben and Berend Weel)

Jan Bim, Fate-agent evolutionary algorithms in swarm robotics (supervisor: Guszti Eiben and Giorgios Karafotias)

Hassnae Belkasim, Data mining to improve forwarding of CRC patients from the GP (supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn)

Marijn Lems, Analyzing Malicious Networks (supervisor: Evert Haasdijk)

Wessel Luijben,Forecasting future fitness – A smart restart strategy (supervisor: Zoltán Szlávik)

Danielle de Man, Evolving a Gene Regulatory Network (supervisor: Evert Haasdijk)

Diti Oudendag, Prediction of dairy farmer behaviour under abolishment of the milk quota system (supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn)

Nicolaas Nobel, Analysis of hotel reviews (supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn)

John Müller – Forensic data mining, 2012 (supervisor: Guszti Eiben)

Yoeri Staal – Highway Platooning Strategies, 2012 (supervisor: Willem van Willigen and Guszti Eiben)

Vincent Hoekstra – Predicting football results with an evolutionary ensemble classi er, 2012 (supervisor: Guszti Eiben)

Ruben Balk – A Semi-Distributed Evolutionary Algorithm With Fate Agents, 2012 (supervisor: Guszti Eiben and Selmar Smit)

Asparuh Hristov – Data mining to improve advertising revenue on the web, 2012 (supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn)

Joost Huizinga, Evolving Robotic Organisms, 2012 (supervisor: Evert Haasdijk)

Covlescu Iulian Mihai, Investigating hotel bookings review score effects, 2012 (supervisor: Zoltán Szlávik)

Richard Koopmanschap – Learning expert knowledge in cognitive models, 2012 (supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn)

Iuliana Manole, Try-on eyewear: serious gaming for opticians, 2012 (supervisor: Zoltán Szlávik)

Koen Pasman, Data Mining to detect Temporal Features in Video, 2012 (supervisor: Evert Haasdijk)

Astrid van der Poel, TV quality improvement in Telecommunications – Network Optimisation, Tele2, 2012 (supervisor: Zoltán Szlávik)


Rachid Siallioui, On-line evolution of robot controllers by an island evolution approach, 2012 (supervisor: Evert Haasdijk)

Niek Siekman, Real-time event recommendation using Twitter data, 2012 (supervisor: Zoltán Szlávik)

Leszek Ślażyński, Parallel Algorithms for Reservoir Computing with Diverse Spiking Neurons, 2012 (supervisor: Zoltán Szlávik)

Peter Tessel, Forecasting demand to improve the distribution of cars within Car2go, 2012 (supervisor: Zoltán Szlávik)

Armon Toubman – Adaptieve autonomy using trust models, 2012 (supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn)

Matthijs Tolkamp, Neuro-Evolution of Robot Controllers with a Changing Robot Population on a Gathering and Collective Construction Task, Graduation year: 2012 (supervisor: Evert Haasdijk)

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