Babak Hosseinkhani Kargar

PhD Student

Room 10A-71, de Boelelaan 1111, 1081HV Amsterdam, Netherlands


Babak Hosseinkhani Kargar is a PhD Candidate of Artificial Intelligence in the CI group since 2020. He currently working on the effects of environmental regulation on evolvable robots with Guszti Eiben and Karine Miras. Before, he was a Master’s student at Azad University located in Tehran and worked on a new type of neural network named Capsule Neural networks to do Image Matting tasks. He also worked for a while as a researcher and developer for an Image Processing Company (Farzaneh Image Processing Co.) to make an augmented reality tool used instead of mirrors in dressing rooms. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the Chamran University of Ahvaz. His research interests include Evolutionary computing, Machine learning, and autonomous robots.